Everyone's experience into making the leap into entrepreneurship is different. Some say they were born entrepreneurs, other's fell into it and then you have the one's who are inspired by others and decide to give it a go.

The North Queensland Entrepreneur's Conference is the first of its type in Townsville, that collaborates all surrounding regions as far down as Hervey Bay, with some of the world's most intriguing, interesting and plain rich entrepreneurs giving their take on what was the essence of their journey to where they are today.

Jack Cowin, Fast Food King of Australia
When I was growing up, my mother didn't waste time talking about others, nor did my father. It never crossed their minds. They just got on with the job at hand, and life in general.

I am sure that made for a much happier household, and a lot less stress.

I have embarked on helping a community that I grew up in. Charters Towers means a lot to me and during my trips over the past few years, my heart pours out to those who are doing it tough.

Some nights I can't sleep because I can't help but think about just how tough some people are doing it and how few support mechanisms are in place for those who have hit rock bottom. Living in the city and being part of a world that is so "new age", I am fortunate enough to know that when times get tough there are things you can do. 
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