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Monday, 23 November 2015 00:00

Getting the community on-board for progress

The excitement at Marketing Eye headquarters in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne is contagious. Everyone is onboard and ready to give their all to helping Charters Towers be known as the rural centre for entrepreneurship.

They all realise that this is no easy feat, but not one of them thinks it's impossible. 
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I spent this week in Charters Towers. As I drove down the Flinders Highway, I was caught up in my childhood memories of living in this great town that I remember so fondly. Country Music Festivals, street parades, Goldfield Ashes, Mingela Rodeo, Christmas Carols, Anzac Day March and of course living in the country where all you buy from the shops is flour and sugar. Everything else is grown.
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Will Charters Towers become the most entrepreneurial rural town in Australia? Well, it certainly looks like that is possible.

Having spent the week hanging out with locals, talking to local business leaders and schools, I have realised one thing - that this town is ready to choose entrepreneurship to sit along their traditional industries of tourism, agriculture and mining.
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Friday, 13 November 2015 00:00

There is only one thing left to say...

THANK YOU! Without a team of people at Marketing Eye working collaboratively together, this website would not be live. 

Next week as I embark on my journey of communicating the vision for The World Incubator in Charters Towers, I am thrilled to say that our team at Marketing Eye have tirelessly worked late into the night at times to get things done for this charity project. 
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Wednesday, 11 November 2015 00:00

What will your story be?

Next week I will be talking at a number of Schools in Charters Towers about "my story". It's quite confronting to be talking about myself, and where I come from, as I have been brought up to not do that. 

Talking yourself up, or 'big noting' is incredibly uncool and if you do it, you are quite simply a "wanker". Definitely in the country this is the general consensus anyway.
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