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  • Jul
If you ever wondered what a Friday looks like at The World Incubator, then let's give you a bit of an idea.

Today, has been full on. 40 or so tourists came in to say hello and meet the 10 people that were in the Incubator today. Sonia Bennetto, the Deputy Mayor, popped in to say hello and looked impressed by all the action.
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  • Jul
From Russell Broad's security APP to Nicky and Bernie Krugers property and farming technologies, The World Incubator is about to be put on the map. 

Who would have thought that after someone from the local community proclaiming that everyone who is in business currently at that stage when discussed, in Charters Towers, were the only one's that had the ability to be successful? How wrong. This man will be eating his words as both Russell Broad's company and Nicky and Bernie hit the world stage with their innovations. They are game-changers, capable of developing the world's best technologies right here in Charters Towers and after only 5 weeks, they are well and truly on their way.
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  • Jul
You always need someone to take the first step, and for what is now considered an "outsider", it was a person who now lives in Melbourne and sometimes the U.S. - namely, me.
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  • Jun
An amazing woman by the name of Dominique Everard-Shepley very kindly sent to me some Cumquat and Rosette jam from a local producer Bronwyn Beatson. It was so delicious that we took it upon ourselves and our marketing team that work as part of the not-for-profit The World Incubator to design her up some possible labels. 
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