The first incubation period is coming to an end - and we are very pleased with the success

06 September 2016 Author :  
As the first incubation period comes to an end, we are incredibly pleased with the results. I don't know if you know much about investing in businesses, but when an investor puts money into 10 businesses, their expectation is one success story. That to most investors is good value.

When I went into giving to Charters Towers, I was hoping for one success story and hopefully a few promising businesses.

We are very proud to say that we have full confidence in the success of two of the incubator startups with another one or two that will end up being real businesses employing people. When we define success, we are focused on global business opportunities.

Three months is not long enough to build a technology company, which the two companies RAT and Koorca fit under in terms of industry sectors, but it's enough to get the idea off the ground and to see if there is a market for their product and/or service. Both companies not only have a market, but their technology is truly innovative and I believe that they will be highly successful. So do a few investors who are circling their businesses. They have had the privilege to work with some inspirational mentors from around the world, and their businesses will take off and be something that the whole town can be very proud of, particularly those who have lent their support and encouragement. 

This has been an amazing result. There is still much more to do in rural Australia to breed an entrepreneurial culture. Understanding of entrepreneurship and startups is important, and acknowleding that keeping young people in the country is an asset and good for Australia as a whole, is equally important.

We have also helped up to 14 companies in other ways; some with existing businesses and others with ideas on how to get grants etc., ensuring that the incubator was flexible enough to fit into everyone's needs - not just the one's who could commit to 5 days per week.

I went into this with a heart full of positivity thinking that perhaps I can change one person's life through the incubator. We have done more than that and the number of letters and calls I get from people show me that every moment was worth while and it is the start of something very powerful. I urge everyone in Charters Towers to continue to support startups and entrepreneurship. Think big, don't just think about selling to each other. Know that you can have a global business from Charters Towers and provide jobs for people that are meaningful. I have friends who have started food companies from home and they have turned into multi million dollar global enterprises. I have others, who have making a good living designing clothing - all from home and have million dollar businesses.

Don't be disheartened or afraid of the hard work or the knockers. If you have a dream, follow it. You only live once, so don't let an opportunity pass you by.

North Queensland's Biggest Lineup of Inspiring Speakers

Next up is where some of the world's best speakers will share their stories. It's in Townsville and worth the drive if you live anywhere within a few hours drive. These speakers are world class and have a lot to offer in terms of real life experiences and inspiration. If you believe you can do something, and put in the hard work, it will happen.

We have learned that many people find it hard to sit in an incubator everyday due to financial and family constraints, particularly if they are farmers. There is still work to be done! Our model will evolve and transform because we are nimble and flexible to the needs of people in rural communities. We are working on remodelling the idea of how an incubator is delivered, and look forward to seeing more great ideas developed in Charters Towers and surrounding regions.

Our focus is on rural Australia, and will extend past just Charters Towers. We think now more than ever, it's time to share the "love" and pass that baton onto local groups and the local government body.

It's time for the Charters Towers Regional Council to start investing in startups if that is in their strategy to create jobs as the new Mayor has said from the start that they want to use Wherry House for other purposes. We have a 2 year lease, but their lack of support to startups thus far means that it's time that they take over those keys and do their bit. Luckily it never disheartened those in the incubator, who are proud of what they have accomplished. I look forward to seeing Charters Towers Regional Council support startups and inspire people with their own successful stories, as well as giving startups money and mentors that are internationally acclaimed to help build their businesses. Open the doors to your networks far and wide to help startups think bigger than just the surrounding area. It's now up to them to show they care about people staying in Charters Towers and that startups as well as supporting local business is the foundation to a healthy town.

In the interim, The World Incubator will continue to support Charters Towers businesses, and other rural communities. Our emphasis is rural and not regional, although any IP we develop is for everyone. After all, this is about giving back to communities and collaboration is key.
The World Incubator

Mellissah Smith is the Chairperson of The World Incubator, a not-for-profit business incubator in rural Queensland. Currently the incubator is situation in Wherry House in Charters Towers, North Queensland and houses 10 startups. The World Incubator is host to North Queensland’s largest entrepreneurs conference with all proceeds going to helping rural and regional startups and farmers. Book tickets on


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