About us

The World Incubator was founded by entrepreneur, Mellissah Smith, to help local people in the Charters Towers region grow startup businesses. Modelled on incubators in the US, the philosophy of The World Incubator is to develop business ideas and take them to the world, employing local people.

Importantly, we believe that you don't need to be located in a capital city to be hugely successful, and many other businesses around the world have proven that. By giving startups the support, and an act of kindness, they too can grow significant businesses with the support and nurturing of the local community.

There is no time like right now to put your hand up and get that one business idea you have been sitting on, and turn it into a commercialised business. 

We are looking for people who believe in themselves and their ideas, who don't take no for an answer, and are naturally self-starting. 

Starting in February 2016, The World Incubator is designed to take people on a journey that leads to success. While we will help facilitate education, mentoring and support, it is up to Incubatees to turn their ideas into a successful business that employs people.

Please help us and support this inititative.
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Our Mission

To stimulate employment and job opportunities in rural towns by nurturing young entrepreneurs, supporting new business entrants, and in turn creating sustainable economic growth for the surrounding community.

The World Incubator is a nonprofit organisation that provides training and support for rural entrepreneurs, empowering them to transform their ideas into successful business ventures. It is our belief that by encouraging the growth of local businesses, we can broaden rural employment opportunities, create a more diversified private sector, and boost economic growth for the surrounding communities.

We want to assure aspiring entrepreneurs that they do not need to migrate to large metropolitan areas to start a successful business. E-commerce and online retailing has revolutionised how companies operate in the 21st century, and city living is no longer a prerequisite for entrepreneurial success. Now is the time to invest in rural communities and the long-term sustainability of local Australian businesses.

Our Values

1.     The bigger the dream, the better.

2.     Be kind, always.

3.     Pay it Forward, and then some.

4.     Work Hard. Keep focused. Put yourself out of your comfort zone.

5.     Be fearless.

6.     If you fall over… pick yourself up.

7.     Self-starting is what it’s all about.

8.     No idea is a bad idea. That counts for everyone.

Our Expectations

  1. We are a community of people who share a common faith in the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. Be open to meeting people, sharing ideas and learning from others.

  2. Be an inspiration to the people around you.

  3. Be a hero, clean up after yourself. Please keep all common areas, conference rooms, kitchen, and your own space neat and clean always.

  4. Respect people’s property: please do not take or use things that are not yours without permission.

  5. Please keep the noise down and be respectful of the people trying to work around you.

  6. Headphones are encouraged.

  7. Please do not adjust air conditions, lights or move furniture. If you have a request, let your community manager know.

  8. Not feeling well? We invite you to stay home.

  9. Be self sufficient- that means whenever possible try to figure things out on your own before you start asking questions. Try Google whenever, possible.

  10. We love networking and community, but please don’t abuse this. No unwanted sales pitches, or pyramid schemes in The World Incubator.

  11. You are responsible for your own property. We try to strike the right balance between controlled access and security and functional use of the facility by Members. Not everyone will agree with the balance, but you should understand The World Incubator is not responsible for the security of your possessions or self. Use reasonable caution and care.

  12. Weapons, drugs, explosives and any and all illegal activities… Seriously? Just no.

  13. Fire alarm – if the fire alarm goes off, you must evacuate the building, whether it is a “real” or scheduled drill. Failure to evacuate during a fire drill could result in a fine.

  14. Guests and visitors should be accompanied to and from entrances to the conference room and/or office.

  15. Please don’t smoke. If you must, please step outside and away from any doors.

  16. Consume alcohol responsibly. If you drink at the Incubator, remember moderation and consideration of others is expected. We hope it goes without saying, but we will anyway —don’t drive impaired. And remember, no one under the age of 18 is allowed to drink by law. No exceptions.

  17. Use of conference rooms MUST be reserved online and times respected.

  18. Develop sensitivity. You may be feeling chatty, but the person next to you may not. Take conversations outside, to a conference room, common area, or game room anywhere away from working areas.

  19. Please “pay forward” whatever positive benefits you receive. For every introduction you get, consider providing an introduction to another person. For every hour of advice you receive, consider giving an hour of advice to someone else. For every risk someone takes with you, consider taking a risk for someone else.

  20. Be kind: no bias, prejudice, physical harassment, bullying, negativity or sexual harassment. Zero allowed.

  21. Have ideas or feedback? Let your community manager know but don’t pester them as they are busy.

  22. We are giving you a sponsorship fund, so use it wisely and turn up unless you are sick.

Many potential entrepreneurs are held back by a fear of failure, and we want to help them overcome this obstacle. All they need is the right support and encouragement to pursue their goals, and that is exactly what we want to do at The World Incubator. We encourage all aspiring entrepreneurs to APPLY NOW and take the first step towards making their dreams a reality.


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