The World Incubator is a not-for-profit and is currently going through the processes of being registered as such. This process will be completed by 30 November, 2015. We ask that you bare with us until this has been finalised. In the interim, please advise if you would like to sponsor The World Incubator in any capacity. We are looking for organisations that care about social responsibility and in particular, the livelihood of rural communities.

Here are some FAQ that you may be interested in:


1. How to I become an incubatee?

Register your interest on The World Incubator website and you will be advised of a suitable time with key members of the organisations body, for an interview. The interview is aimed at explaining The World Incubator, what the incubator hopes to achieve and the key criteria for being a participant. Potential Incubatees then have the opportunity to pitch their idea, in an open environment, where no idea is a bad one.

2.  What can I expect from being an incubatee?

All Incubatees are required to be working from the Incubator Monday until Friday, 9am to 4pm. This allows the Incubatee to benefit from the program and collaborate with other entrepreneurs. There will be a Community Officer, whose role is to support and facilitate you in developing your ideas. You will be designated a mentor who will help and guide you through the entire process. The entire aim of the incubator is to give you the confidence, freedom and support to be successful in your business endeavour and for you to not only start a business, but grow it in size to a point where you can employ others in the local community. Ten to fifteen incubatees will be given $500 per week for 12 weeks to assist with getting business ideas off the ground. This funding is made possible from the generosity of both Marketing Eye and other businesses in Australia. We ask that you support these businesses by extending your appreciation for their support through social media.

3.  What is the atmosphere like in The World Incubator?

The atmosphere is conducive to growing a business. It requires you to be a self-starter, but not afraid to ask questions if you need to. Everyone is in the incubator to support each other and help nurture growth to a point where people can employ others in the community. There will be a lot of opportunities to learn through webinars and seminars and other education tools. While some are not compulsory, they are important to providing the foundation for you to be a successful business person. 

It is important that you enjoy the process. We have a philosophy that all Incubatees have mutual respect for each other, have fun and keep their dreams alive. Like any business, there will be good days and there will be challenging days  but know that you are not alone. We are here to help you all the way.

4.  When is this happening?

The Incubator aims to go live with the first induction in the first week of February 2016. 


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