Community Manager

The World Incubator is looking for a second term Community Manager to run The World Incubator. This is an exciting role that is immensely rewarding, but requires someone who is focused on the success of the startups in the Incubator and finding sponsors.

The job includes:

  • Sourcing sponsors for The World Incubator
  • Developing sponsorship proposals 
  • Submitting grant applications
  • Assisting startups with grant applications and connecting them with seed capital
  • Everyday running of The World Incubator
  • Communications with sponsors, startups and community
  • Managing relationships with community leaders and organisations
  • Being proactive in securing long-term community buy-in
  • Sourcing startups to be in the Incubator
  • Inducting startups and giving weekly information sessions and learning and development courses / opportunities
  • Working in with schools to promote entrepreneurship
  • Public relations and media exposure: write press releases, pitch to media etc
  • Public speaking where required

This role is a privileged role as it allows people to really give back to the community and make a difference to the lives of people in the startup. If you are interested and possess a degree in marketing, management, entrepreneurship, or engineering - please contact us.

Web Developer

International professional services firm Marketing Eye is looking for a fulltime web developer / app developer. Great remuneration. Be part of international team of people and create websites that give companies an online voice. You will do a wide variety of projects and work remotely from a team of people in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

Marketing Executive

Marketing Eye is also looking to start a Marketing Eye office in Charters Towers. We already have a host of clients in the area, ranging from Government through to retail and manufacturing. You will need to possess a marketing and/or communications degree and be a self starter.

Please apply through the Marketing Eye website.


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