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The inaugural NQE CON 2016 is fast approaching and I have to say it is incredibly exciting on a lot of fronts.

The speaker lineup is incredible and the fact that the profits from this event is going to rural Australian startups and farmers is incredibly important. The World Incubator is hosting this event, and is a not-for-profit organisation. I have personally asked favours from all of the speakers to attend the conference and they are doing it because they too are charitable and know the importance of sharing their stories to inspire others.

This conference is for business leaders, startups, entrepreneurs, family business, students and anyone who wants to be inspired by people who started with an idea and turned it into some that is real. For $195 you will not find better value in a full day conference lineup than this. Book tickets on

The big name lineup includes:
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As the first incubation period comes to an end, we are incredibly pleased with the results. I don't know if you know much about investing in businesses, but when an investor puts money into 10 businesses, their expectation is one success story. That to most investors is good value.
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The millionaires club is not exclusive to University Graduates and certainly not one's from prestigious colleges around the world. Many of the most famous and successful entrepreneurs did not in fact complete school nor did they gain a college degree. 
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Everyone's experience into making the leap into entrepreneurship is different. Some say they were born entrepreneurs, other's fell into it and then you have the one's who are inspired by others and decide to give it a go.

The North Queensland Entrepreneur's Conference is the first of its type in Townsville, that collaborates all surrounding regions as far down as Hervey Bay, with some of the world's most intriguing, interesting and plain rich entrepreneurs giving their take on what was the essence of their journey to where they are today.

Jack Cowin, Fast Food King of Australia
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