The first six stories of The World Incubator

20 April 2016 Author :  
Today, I finished drafting a four-page article about The World Incubator, destined to grace the pages of the next edition of Marketing Eye magazine.

As it now enters the rigorous editing process, I have time to reflect on how inspirational and promising the hopeful “incubatees” are.

From entrepreneurial graziers to technology developers to country music artists to Aboriginal artists, the participants represent what is truly diverse, colourful and positive about Charters Towers.

These people have let me into their minds and hearts as they’ve explained their start-up business ideas they hope will move the city forward, and change some very deep-rooted mindsets.

One common theme I’ve come across is the desire to prove success, and challenge the rest of the local business community to think outside the square.

As much as we all grapple with the swift-moving nature of the world we live in, it’s vital we keep up and stay relevant.

That doesn’t mean you have to create websites and phone apps – it could be simply doing some research into how to make your business’s Facebook posts reach more people, or learning how to write a blog.

Often it’s the fear of the unknown that stops people from learning something new, but as things change and evolve, we must change with them.

That attitude has surfaced time and time again as I’ve talked to the Incubator start-ups who want to improve not only themselves, but the city they live and work in.

I’m really starting to feel a positive undercurrent as The World Incubator picks up momentum and more people start to learn what it is, and how it could transform Charters Towers.

The World Incubator

Mellissah Smith is the Chairperson of The World Incubator, a not-for-profit business incubator in rural Queensland. Currently the incubator is situation in Wherry House in Charters Towers, North Queensland and houses 10 startups. The World Incubator is host to North Queensland’s largest entrepreneurs conference with all proceeds going to helping rural and regional startups and farmers. Book tickets on

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